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What is Network Spinal Analysis?

    On first visits, I often hear: “my friend said she feels so much better, and she doesn’t know what you did, but told me to come see you, too!” If you’re wondering what I am up to, and how NSA works, read on! 

The Mystery -What I do

     Okay, the truth is I’m not really mysterious. I help people connect to tensions they hold in their bodies and release them. I use a very specific, very gentle, sequence of touches, applied at access points at the neck and lower spine. I interface with your body at the connective tissue level, and not only help your brain find tension and unwind it, but also help you entrain to your internal rhythms so you don’t entrain to the stressors outside your body.

     No one knows how NSA works exactly, but there are lots of things we don’t understand about the human body. Research has shown the Network Entrainment to be consistent and repeatable, and the research on NSA continues with everyone from mathematicians to quantum physicists!

     Simply put, as a person connects to a complex pattern of tension they’ve been holding, further unwinding of deeper tensions from the body naturally occur and people experience changes in many areas of their lives – physical and emotional, and even spiritual. As your body relaxes back into a more natural alignment, and tension patterns drop away, it’s easier to adapt to new stressors too. You have more “choices” because your body is no longer tied up in old patterns, and you just feel better or “better feel” as the case may be.

     Are those old tension patterns bad? No. They are what your brain had to do in the moment to keep you safe. They are an excellent short term strategy, but a less desirable long term one. We honor the adaptations your body has made, and you move forward from there. I don’t “help you get back to where you were.” I help you integrate the stressors you’ve encountered so far, and complete any old “unfinished business,” and then move into something new and even better.

The Magic –

Network’s Healing Waves      

     During Network care, two healing waves develop which are unique to NSA Care (this is the part that fascinates the science world and is currently being researched at the University of California - Irvine). The first wave to develop is a breathing wave which releases tension throughout the spine and body. Your breath comes through your whole body and rocks your vertebrae through their

range of motion. Areas that were armored and protected due to past tensions and traumas often release as the brain and spine coordinate functions more effectively and structures surrounding your spinal column (ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia) reorganize. We call this coordination of respiration with the dissipation of tension “the respiratory wave.”

       The second wave, which develops later in care, is called “the somatopsychic (s-p) wave” and it is associated with a body-initiated undulation or movement of the body. The s-p wave is believed to carry information through your body and help improve spinal and neural integrity, and your body then harnesses the liberated energy for healing.

       So, is it really magic? Yes, in that your body is magic and you are magic! Network care helps your body and nerve system to reorganize and to develop strategies for experiencing and releasing tension on its own.

      Network care encourages the development of spontaneous stretching movements and breathing which help you adapt to stress and release tension in the spine and nerve system. People feel different and make changes because their bodies are no longer tied up in old patterns which held them in a position of stress physiology.

The Mystery and Magic of Wellness

      Wellness relates to a persons internal experience of their body, and their ability to make constructive, healthy choices, and to enjoy life. Wellness is that state in which you are relatively invincible, nothing can ruin your day, you feel alive, vital and confident and experience a high state of well-being. When you experience wellness, your circumstances of the moment do not easily upset your internal state.

       The objective of Network care is to give your nervous system the tools it needs to experience life in ways you have never experienced before, and to help you live in a state of wellness. As people progress through Network care, their nervous systems become more flexible and continually learn new ways of experiencing potentially stressful situations. Network care is a method of tapping into the tension in your body and using it as fuel for healing and change.

      When someone comes for care, I don’t have to know what caused their symptoms or tension pattern. What I do know is how to intervene, to help their system to observe itself and to make a change.

       Call, text or email me today and find out for yourself how different life can be.

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