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Miracle Worker

I've had years of neck and shoulder pain. I was doubtful I would find relief after trying several options ranging from physical therapy, monthly massages and different medications. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Suzanne and thought I'd give it a try. I instantly connected with her! She cares about so much more than an "physical ailment." She wants the best for your mind, body and soul! She was very patient in explaining treatment options and exam analysis report! She was honest and very knowledgeable. We started treatment immediately and I instantly felt results. When I am consistent with my visits, I no longer experience pain. I've not been able to say that with anything else I've tried! I highly recommend works! Dr. Suzanne is very caring and you can tell she is passionate about her work and loves what she does! ND


I had no idea about Network Chiropractic. I tried it and within a few treatments my whole being changed and became my flexible and spacious. Powerful ambition and physical energy began welling up inside of me. My posture is near perfect now and I believe Network is the reason I finally have had the motivation to stick with a weight lifting program. You must do this! VT


I have become a huge fan of Network chiropractic, and Dr. Suzanne is one of the best practitioners I've found. MS

 Breathe Easier!!!

After regular treatments with Suzanne, the stiffness and pain I've had in my upper back let up and I noticed my body really working to regulate itself for the first time in a long time! Her touch, her guidance, and her positivity have benefited me tremendously. My child was two when we started bringing him in for adjustments, and sometimes he would fall and say his body was out of balance and ask to see Suzanne. I really appreciated how gentle, patient, and respectful she was with him. I think everyone could benefit from this work! Thank you Suzanne!!!! DW

Always a rejuvenating experience!

Dr. Suzanne, has treated my family and I for years with her very gentle (painless) and effective network chiropractic care. She treats the whole person and is a very knowledgeable, compassionate, and gifted person. The atmosphere of the office is also very relaxing and comfortable. I always feel better after seeing her and my kids feel comfortable with her too! It will just take one session with her and YOU WILL FEEL what I'm talking about! TM

Very happy for years!

I have been under Dr. Suzanne's care for many years due to a few serious spine injuries. Thanks to her diligent care and gentle touch technique, I am fully functioning after being told by many traditional Docs I would never be! Her very personal approach and professionalism make it a delight to be her patient. I have recommended her practice to many friends and family. :) GM

Whole Wellness

I came to Suzanne's office due to some neck and back pain as related to sports injuries and general stress. I was weary initially because of my fear of traditional chiropractors, and because I wasn't sure that the networking method would actually work. After my first meeting it became clear though that this gentle work had a profound effect. Throughout my treatments, Suzanne focused not only my physical well being, but on my emotional status, showing that she really cares about the whole person and understands the intricacies human health and all of the influencing factors. By the time I ended the original 8 week treatment plan, my pain was greatly reduced and almost non-existent, and I was standing noticeably taller, even evoking comments from friends and family members. The care and compassion shown in this practice is fantastic, and was it not for my financial constrictions of being a student, I would have remained in treatment to continue my improvement and prevent future injury and ailment. JH

Professional, supportive and keeps my nervous system finely tuned - I have been counting on Dr. Wilson for my back care and generally keeping my body in good working order for 12 years now. If I overdo the gardening, I arrange to see Suzanne immediately for relief. I am on the high side of 60 and appreciate the general support Network provides my entire nervous system. Keeps me finely tuned which helps me live a more full life. She also provides a wonderful newsletter every month that contains very helpful tips and suggestions for living healthy and happy. During the time I have used her services, she has always been professional, friendly, supportive and cheerful. I feel blessed to have her on my well-being support team. Sincerely, MB

Suzanne is amazing

After Suzanne eliminated my 20 year old son's back pain I started to see her. I had been having pain in my knee and my lower back and I didn't have a lot of energy. After following her recommended treatment schedule the pain was gone and energy back. I now see Suzanne regularly to keep my body strong and focused. I look forward to every visit and I leave renewed. I feel so fortunate that I found Suzanne. Network Spinal Analysis is a great value, Suzanne is very professional and I recommend her to everyone for overall well being. BF

Better than Ever

Suzanne brings her special gifts of touch and joy to healing. She is all about wellness not just fixing broken parts, although these improve as well. I have seen changes over the years and never hesitate to see her when I need a boost. HE

Life Changing!

When I received the gift of a "posture analysis" from a friend 3 years ago, it changed my life! Dr. Suzanne Wilson did a thorough analysis of my posture and stance, and also evaluated other aspects of my life that could be impacting me. Prior to receiving treatment from Suzanne, I had chronic neck and shoulder pain and frequent migraines. Within months of treatments, my chronic pain was alleviate. It was rare to NOT be in pain; now it is very rare to be in pain and I rarely have a migraine. Suzanne taught me how to be in touch with my body and symptoms and how to breath and adjust accordingly. The quality of my life has improved. Instead of going home after work and sitting with a heating pad on my neck, I have more energy and comfort to exercise and enjoy life! I've lost weight, have reduced anxiety and stand up straighter. Thank you Suzanne for changing my life and making it so much better! DB

Answer to a Prayer

After my initial introductory visits I signed up for an entire month of treatments. I felt better instantly, stomach and abdominal bloating gone, back tension gone, restricted neck movements gone. I felt like I had gotten my life back. I have just spent 5 1/2 years giving 24/7 care to an ailing parent, and a year of intense grief along with unemployment-my nerves were shot! I would tell everyone it was my nerves and that nothing over the counter was helpful, was starting to overeat to find relief, that only added to the problems. Everyone and everything would have me on edge and then I found Suzanne Wilson, and with the most gentle of touches, found relief for all the stored up fear, pain, insanity, worry, anxiety and torment that my body had taken in, but hadn't anyway to release. Traditional medicine would have cost thousands in tests that would have come back inconclusive, followed by useless prescriptions. RH

The best!

Nothing works for everyone all the time. That is why, as a body worker I refer my clients who need something different to Suzanne. I go to her myself. Another reason I like her is that she also refers her clients who may need something a little different. Suzanne is exceptional! JS

I LOVED your table!

Not only does Suzanne have magic fingers, she is also great with my kids! They now ask, "Can we go today?" It is rare to find a healer who the whole family can comfortably see. Thank you for all the body care and tender compassion all these years! JC

Life changing!

After seeing doctors and physical therapists, the pain in my back and knees would not go away. After passing by the practice, I decided to give it a try. I immediately noticed a difference after the first visit. Suzanne works with your body to support self-adjustment. It has barely been a month and she has helped me recover from a tailbone injury wonderfully. I walk away from visits feeling lighter and more connected. I recommend if for anyone with any kind of discomfort. You may not understand what she does at first, but it works. BS

Well adjusted and happy

Suzanne is an amazing healer. She has helped my back and hip to be pain free. Every time I have visited I come away thinking how great I feel compared to how I went in. I have never left Suzanne without a sense of wow, I feel so much better. TL

Amazing Adjustment

Suzanne has such good energy and helps bring out the best energy in you. Working together your body will go under some fantastic changes. You will get "straightened" out and maybe lose a little weight. Either way, your entire being will thank you for the decision to chose Suzanne and her method. BB

Feeling Good

I carry lots of stress & tension in my shoulders & neck. After going to Dr. Suzanne for a several months, I feel better than I have in years! My neck is almost pain free now & I'm even sleeping better. SW

Dr. Suzanne is the best

Whenever I walk out of my session, having come in with either much physical pain or mental anguish or something, Dr. Suzanne has always been able to help me. I come out feeling very relaxed and happy, and most of all pain free. She is amazing, and I recommend her to anyone. KVW

Thank you, Dr. Suzanne!

Be Well Adjusted has helped me become more in tune with my body and breath. I am profoundly grateful to Suzanne for the benefits to my healing and self-growth process. My posture has improved and a lump at the back of my neck is gone! I've been to other chiropractors before, and Dr. Suzanne's adjustments have been corrective experiences in multiple ways. Her work has changed my life! AK

Renewed flexibility

Besides keeping my back healthy, Suzanne has been using her 'thumper' tool on my right shoulder. My shoulder has been frozen to full rotation making it painful to do certain movements. I have more movement in it now than I have in 18 years. I am enjoying more flexibility in my yoga and doing the back of my hair to name just a couple of benefits. I also like the gentleness of Network Chiropractic by relaxing the muscles that are pulling the bones out of place. It is easier on my body. Going to see Dr. Suzanne Wilson is a happy and fun experience! EP

Be Well Adjusted

Dr. Suzanne Wilson is a highly skilled and caring chiropractor. She has a devoted clientele that she has nurtured over the years with her kindness and joviality. Healing is achieved with much more than scientific skill, and Dr. Wilson has all it takes to get good results. CB

Network convert

I have benefited from various forms of chiropractic care for over 20 years, and found my body far more capable of self-regulation since beginning Network care with Dr. Suzanne in 2004. While I was already a fan of the gentle entrainments, my complete lack of neck pain following a severe car accident convinced me that this has been far more effective for my body than conventional chiropractic care. This was my third and most serious rear-end accident, yet the most pain free. I was already receiving standard chiropractic adjustments at the time of my second accident, and was told then that each accident is more painful than the last. I believe my regular care from Dr. Suzanne (who is a comfortable person to be around, as opposed to some DCs who appear to hold themselves above their patients) is what helped my body respond to a physically traumatic incident without long term impairment. CF

“Twenty years of back pain gone in three months. I now have a wonderful life. Thanks!" GN

"I have found Network chiropractic care with Dr. Suzanne to be not only the best modality for freeing myself of physical pain and tension in my back, neck, shoulders, hips and body but also a great way to release and heal old emotional hurts, expand my heart, and most impressively deeply impacting the forwarding of my spiritual evolution." HE

"What I thought were an arthritic neck and hip (for 30 years!), are now pain free and flexible. Thank you." CKB

"I thought I would always be in pain. You have freed me from it." SB

 "I never believed this would ever work. It was so difficult even to walk at times. I had tried everything imaginable to improve my lower back pain, but nothing would alleviate my constant pain until I started to see Dr. Suzanne. I am so thankful to find relief from my chronic back pain and to have hope for better mobility. I am now able to do the things I want to do outdoors and indoors. The process is very comfortable and there is no painful twisting or any manipulations as you may experience in a traditional chiropractors office. I highly recommend Dr. Suzanne." GS

"Dear Suzanne,

      My next magic experience was after falling twice on the ice and then twisting and pulling my back in such a way I could neither sit nor stand without pain, you adjusted me that day, and not only did I get immediate relief then, but I continued to improve all evening! It must be magic." GS

"For years I’ve had knee problems, and it was hard to get around, but since coming to Dr. Suzanne, I’ve regained more use of my knee without pain, and I’m even able to run! Yay! Thanks!" BN

"Now I know what a full breath is." NW

"I wish to express my gratefulness for the amazing healing I have experienced. My medical doctor has said, 'Whatever you are doing, don’t stop. I could not prescribe physical therapy that could bring about some of the changes I have seen in your gait.' My deep abdominal breathing has improved markedly and my singing has also as a result. This brings me my greatest joy; therefore, I am also in your debt for this tremendous benefit in my life." JF

"I stand straighter. I’m a 1/4” taller!" CS

"Words cannot fully express my gratefulness for the great healing you’ve brought to my life! I had almost given up hope of ever having a pain-free or pain-reduced life, and I can already tell that I have good reason to be hopeful of feeling more human again! I have even had a couple of days of almost pain-free looseness in my body; I am sure it is only the beginning, which is miraculous for me after living with this (pain) for 5 years. I am forever thankful and wish you every blessing." TM

"I’ve gotten rid of three of my food allergies! Thanks!” CC

"I started coming to Suzanne in the early months of 2011. I was engaged to be married in the late summer. I am a fairly active person, but when I started having shooting pains down the back of my legs, and yoga became difficult, I knew it was time to do something about it. I had met Suzanne a few years ago, so I decided to give her a go, and within a few months I was pain free!

Now, almost a year later, I am still pain free and continue to see her regularly to give my body a rest from my hectic schedule. If I don't take the time to take care of myself, how will I take care of others?" BB

"In the past six months, I’ve quit caffeine, and nicotine and have fallen in love. I’ve been wanting to make changes for a long time, and now I’m working on about 90% of them, all at the same time—and am functioning at a reasonable level! It’s amazing. Thanks." WG 

"A few years ago, my mother, who is in her eighties, seemed to be headed for a wheelchair and possibly surgery with hip and back problems that made walking increasingly difficult. I introduced her to Dr. Suzanne's work and she improved dramatically, needing no other treatment. She avoided the wheelchair and the nightmare idea of surgery, and with ongoing Network care she has remained mobile and independent since. I think her overall health has benefited as well. Thanks for all you do for my mom!" TI

"I can see my ankle works — miraculous! And I tried everything else first, only Network has done any good. Wonderful!" CW

"Network is great. I was really skeptical about Network at first, but out of desperation (having tried two chiropractors and a medical back doctor) I stuck with it. I was about to give up on Network when all of the sudden I felt my body loosen up and release a lot of the pain and tension that had been causing me so many problems. And not only did it relieve my back problems, but it also helped me loosen up to such an extent that it prevented a lot of the difficulties that caused my back strain in the first place. Things like emotional frustrations were substantially decreased, as well as the physical stuff. Since I first started Network, I have tried several other types of body work and nothing comes close." ME

"With other chiropractors I had to keep going back to feel better. With Dr. Suzanne I want to go back because I keep getting better!" CL

"I went for a 'back-cracking' to improve my posture, skeptical of this 'Network' stuff. My first adjustment was boring, but the next day I felt YEARS of stress pour out of me. This began an astounding increase in my well-being, confidence, relaxation, energy, and a better posture!" NS

I have been going to Suzanne for 12 years. Her ability to diagnose, treat, and heal musculoskeletal issues is remarkable. Her Network Chiropractic work is gentle and effective. She also uses the Koren Specific Technique (KST) to treat patients, and both make a powerful therapeutic combination from which anyone can and will benefit. SO

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